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Kurt Swinghammer Red Canoe No. 39


Kurt Swinghammer Red Canoe No. 39, 2018.
Acrylic on canvas, 48×48 in. $5000.00 SOLD

The Red Canoe Series is an ongoing body of work in
which the composition remains unchanged, but the
colour relationships of the water are unique each time.
The initial inspiration was to find an image that related to
landscape painter Tom Thomson, who was the subject of a
song cycle that I wrote and recorded called Turpentine Wind.
One of my goals was to depict an iconic Canadian subject matter
in a contemporary manner.

—Kurt Swinghammer

Kurt Swinghammer is a highly acclaimed guitarist,
singer/songwriter, producer, composer, designer
and fine artist based in Toronto.



Kurt Swinghammer Red Canoe No. 37


Red Canoe No. 37 by Kurt Swinghammer.
Acrylic on canvas, 48×48 in.. Canada 2017.


Kurt Swinghammer Loon No. 5: SOLD


Loon No. 5 by Kurt Swinghammer.
Acrylic on canvas, 48×48 in.. Canada 2017.
5000. SOLD

Kurt Swinghammer, Red Canoe No. 32: SOLD


We’re so pleased to announce the arrival of Kurt Swinghammer’s
Red Canoe No. 32. Outstanding colour palette.
48×48 in., acrylic on canvas, 2017. SOLD

Swinghammer’s “Loon Series”, No. 1: SOLD


We’re pleased to present the first piece in Kurt Swinghammer’s
new “Loon Series“. No. 1, 48″ x 48”, acrylic on canvas. SOLD
No. 2 coming soon!

New Arrivals

New Arrivals_03.16

JUST IN—more pics soon or drop by!

Mid Century three-seater sofa by IB Kofod Larsen, 
John Stuart NYC. New upholstery otherwise all original.
Excellent condition.  27″h X 74″l X 29″d , 16″h to seat.
Denmark, 1950s. SOLD

Red Canoe Series No. 25 by Kurt Swinghammer.
Dreamy blue lake tones. 48″x48″. Acrylic on canvas.

Blue Die Cut Wool Cushion by Bev Hisey. $158.00