We carry a finely curated collection of original mid century lighting from
1950 to 1975 which we post weekly on our blog.

In addition, we carry a collection of contemporary lighting made by local
and international designers. Most often they are in stock, if they are not,
our usual wait time is approximately 2-3 weeks.  Please contact us
for pricing and availability if not indicated below.

Anglepoise 1228 Collection 

Type 1228 Wall Lights 4Type 1228 Wall Lights 1

Type 1228 Desk Lamp Carmine Red 2 OnType 1228 Desk Lamp Daffodil Yellow 1 On

Type 1228 Wall Mounted Lamp - Granite Grey

Type 1228
– Twin layer coloured polypropylene shade
– Aluminium arms
– Chrome plated bridle and fittings
– Cast iron base with aluminium cover
– Anglepoise® constant tension spring technology


New lighting by Castor Design


Plated Tank Lights
Made from recycled fire extinguishers, these pendant
lights are available in the following plated finishes:
Chrome; black chrome; copper; and gold.

Reclaimed steel or aluminum fire extinguisher
DIMENSIONS: DIA 4in x L 5-10in. From $595.


Tank Lights
Made from recycled fire extinguishers,
these pendant lights are available in the
following finishes: black, blue, grey, orange, and red.

Reclaimed steel or aluminum fire extinguisher
DIMENSIONS: DIA 4in x L 5-10in
From $560.


Deadstock Catherine Table Light
Designed around a cylindrical shade salvaged from
a defunct lighting factory.  It has a base made of
carrara marble salvaged from the first Canadian
place and support made of precisely machined brass.


Steel, Brass, Carrara Marble


– Gunmetal shade with black cord: $925
– White shade with white cord: $960.

Castor Design is a Toronto-based practice run by Brian Richer and Kei Ng. They are interested in the middle ground between art and design, bringing a sense of irreverence to each project. Castor Design has won awards from A’ Design, AZ Awards, and from numerous design shows. They have worked on interiors projects, custom lighting and furniture design, and public art commissions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We’re so pleased to include their work at INabstracto.


Paul Campbell Lighting

Paul Campbell is a Toronto based artist and lighting designer. Working closely with Paul and local manufacturers, we continue to develop limited run, hand made collections.

Paul Campbell Saul Floor lamp

The Saul floor lamp designed by Paul Campbell.
The third in his series of these gorgeous, hand made
lamps. Spun metal, solid brass base- 12×14 in.
60 in. high. Adjustable shade, dimmer. Canada, 2017.
$875. (in stock).

Flair Lamp_Brass_LR Flair Lamp_Black

The PALI desk lamp designed by Paul Campbell.
Hand made using reclaimed vintage metal shades,
tubular steel, brass fittings. Exclusive to INabstracto.
Optional black or brass base.  D 6 1/2″ x H16 1/2″  x W7″.
Canada, 2014. From $250.


The DL-02 table lamps designed by Paul Campbell.
The second in his series of these gorgeous, hand made
lamps. Spun metal, solid brass base. 23″ high. Canada, 2016.
$600. (in stock).

Tahir Mahmood Lighting
Tahir is a Toronto-based designer with an incredibly diverse background in creative arts and design including art direction of Academy Award nominated director Deepa Mehta in her film adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children.”
Tahir designed his first product in 2009, and has multiplied his designs into a full collection. In 2010 Tahir won the Design Exchange Award for his mortar and pestles. We look forward to working closely with Tahir in developing new products for INabstracto.

But-tee Lamp by Tahir Mahmood
Made from ascending black wooden rings, they reflect the towering possibilities of stepping into another realm of design and accentuate any environment.
“We live in a ‘designed’ world, where we take from nature, get inspired from nature and take a full circle and go back to nature. This but-tee lamp, or ‘light’ is a testimony to the architectural ladder of our endeavors.” Tahir Mahmood  $495.00

Heer Table Lamp by Tahir Mahmood
Inspired by the love stories of a bygone era, Heer is the female heroine of “Heer and Ranjha”, a romantic story about a beautiful Heer. This lamp is designed as an ode to continuously burn the light of her love that was sadly extinguished years ago. $495.


Tahir Floor
Chanda Floor Lamp (detail) by Tahir Mahmood
Made entirely in CANADA with fine maple wood, coated in milk paint.
The Chanda lamp truly reflects the hues of Canada’s varied landscapes.
Earthly and energizing. $1250.

Lotte Art Pottery Lamps
The company was founded by Gunnar and Lotte Bostlund, a husband-and-wife team from Denmark who both trained in design. Gunnar as a ceramic engineer and Lotte in fine arts. The couple immigrated to Ontario in the post-WWII years and began producing all kinds of ceramic objects from their home near Toronto.  The first Lotte lamps were produced in 1956. Designs produced over the years range from simple glazed shapes to those hand-carved and intricately painted by Lotte herself.

We carry vintage and new Lotte lamps. The new lamps are made with the original master molds and materials-stoneware bases, spun yarn fibreglass shades. Contact us for pricing and available styles.

Lotte Lamps, Designed in Canada, 1960s.

An iconic British Brand

Award-winning British design.
Designed in 1933 by George Carwardine, London UK.
The Anglepoise 1227 was reissued in 2009 to celebrate
it’s 75th anniversary. Available in dove grey, jet black,
linen white and bright chrome.

Anglepoise Prouvé



Original-1227-Desk-Lamp-Dove-Grey-2-off_grande.jpgAnglepoise_Original1227_Jet_Black_001 Original-1227-Desk-Lamp-Linen-White-2_grande.jpg

Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp
Dove Grey,  Jet Black, Linen White, Bright Chrome


Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp Wall Mounted
Dove Grey,  Jet Black, Linen White, Bright Chrome


fit-2fit-4 fit-3

The Original 1227™ design with solid brass components,
woven fabric cable and stylish mid century colour palette.
Deep slate, elephant grey, dusty blue.


Type 75™. Elegant, classic look.
Flowing movement and full adjustability.
Desk lamp, desk clamp*, wall mounted*, desk insert*
Brushed Aluminum, Jasmine White, Jet Black




Type 75™ Mini. Elegant, classic look.
Flowing movement and full adjustability.
Floor, desk, desk clamp, wall mounted, wall light, desk insert
Wide colour range: Slate Grey,  Alpine White, Jet Black, Brushed Aluminum



Floor lamps

Desk mount

Wall mount

Wall light


Table lamps



Anglepoise Giant Colours


Anglepoise® classic blend of form and function, together with marine-grade stainless steel fittings and knurled bespoke adjuster wheels, sealed light unit and durable silicone rubber cable, make the Original 1227™ Outdoor Giant floor lamp the perfect exterior lighting solution. This statement piece comes in 15 colors and will turn a garden terrace into a striking al fresco room.

Limited Edition Leonia Luminaire

2S0A0070-low res

The name “Leonia” was inspired by one of the
Invisible Cities from Italo Calvino’s celebrated
eponymous novel. Leonia’s inspiration comes from
the desire to give disposable beer kegs a second life
as luminaires for a microbrewery.

“Leonia” is an ode (and a warning) to habitat destruction,
climate change, and the destruction caused by economic
pressure and greed. It’s a call for change, for mutualistic
interactions that results in respect for the earth and each other.

Pendant lighting design by SUMO Project.


2S0A0033-low res

Leonia pendants $700/each

2S0A0176-low res



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