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Tahir Mahmood Chanda Floor Lamp

Tahir Floor Lamp _LR

Tahir Floor

Tahir Mahmood Chanda floor lamp
Made entirely in CANADA with fine maple wood,
coated in milk paint, the CHANDA LAMP truly reflects
the hues of Canada’s varied landscapes and sets the tone
in any room… Earthly and energizing , made in the
Canadian Spirit, for Canada….Tahir Mahmood. $1250.

Painting, Byron Hodgins, Night Glade. Oil on canvas,
53×45 in. Canada, 2013. $3,350.

Kurt Swinghammer, Loon paintings

Swinghammer Loon_3

Mod Bird.

Loon No. 3 by Kurt Swinghammer.
Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. $5000.

Kurt Swinghammer is a highly acclaimed guitarist,

singer/songwriter, producer, composer, designer
and fine artist based in Toronto.

Byron Hodgins Night Glade


Byron Hodgins, Night Glade. Oil on canvas, 53×45 in.
Canada, 2013. $3,350.00.

Kurt Swinghammer’s Red Canoe No. 33

Red Canoe_33

Just arrived
Kurt Swinghammer, Red Canoe Series No. 33.

Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. Canada, 2017. $4500.

The Red Canoe Series is an ongoing body of work in which the
composition remains unchanged, but the colour relationships of
the water are unique each time. The initial inspiration was to find
an image that related to landscape painter Tom Thomson,
who was the subject of a song cycle that I wrote and recorded
called Turpentine Wind. One of my goals was to depict an iconic
Canadian subject matter in a contemporary manner.

—Kurt Swinghammer

Kurt Swinghammer is a Toronto-based musician/visual artist. Continue reading

Chari Lesniak abstract paintings

Chari Lesniak_2

Chari Lesniak, Untitled 2.  36×56 in., oil on canvas. $3000.

Chari Lesniak_1

Chari Lesniak, Untitled 1. 82×52.5 in., oil on canvas. $5900.

Just arrived! Chari Lesniak painting

Chari_Lesniak_4264 copy

Just arrived — Gorgeous new painting!
Chari Lesniak, “Untitled No. 1”,
82″x52.5″, oil on canvas.
INQUIRE – more photos soon
Also shown: Pair of Anglepoise lamps;
Florence Knoll desk/dressers, set of 4 teak and black
Naugahyde dining chairs.

Expo ’67: 50 Year Anniversary

Geodesic Dome designed by Buckminster Fuller

April 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of  EXPO 67.

Expo 67 was open from April to October, 1967 in Montreal, Canada.

Expo 67, the “Universal and International Exhibition,” was the highlight of Canada’s Centennial celebrations in 1967. It featured 90 pavilions representing Man and His World, on a theme derived from Terre des Hommes, written by the famous French pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The exposition displayed many nations, corporations, industries, technologies, social themes, religions and designs, including the U.S. pavilion, a geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. Expo 67 also featured Habitat 67, an urban modular housing complex designed by architect Moshe Safdie, whose units were purchased by private Montrealers after the fair was concluded, and is still occupied today.

The site consisted of two islands and a peninsula in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. The admission ticket was referred to as a passport and entitled the holders to free entry to all pavilions as well as unlimited use of the mass transit system – Expo-Express. The passport could be filled with “visa stamps” at the National Pavilions. Further reading..

A collection of 24 x 24 in. photographs documenting Expo ’67 are available at $140. each. 
We ship worldwide. INQUIRE


CBC Radio Canada Watch

Further reading on Expo ’67

Outstanding cover design by Laszlo Buday
The Canadian Architect, October 1967 issue.