Our gallery features the works of the following artists:
Nathan Eugene Carson
Byron Hodgins
Julie Jenkinson
Chari Lesniak
Max Lupo
Kurt Swinghammer
Robert Tokley

Coming Soon: Janet Macpherson Ceramics





Just arrived
Kurt Swinghammer, Red Canoe Series No. 37.

Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. Canada, 2017. $5000.


Just arrived
Kurt Swinghammer, Loon Series No. 4

Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. Canada, 2017. 5000. SOLD

Julie Jenkinson 

New paintings from
In The Underworld series

Blue Fugu You Kill Me_LR

Julie Jenkinson, Blue Fugu You Kill Me
from In The Underworld series, 2017.
Acrylic on board. 36×42″. INQUIRE


Fugu You Kill Me

Julie Jenkinson, Fugu You Kill Me
from In The Underworld series, 2017.
Acrylic on board. 36×48″. INQUIRE


And The Fishes_2_LRJulie Jenkinson, And The Fishes
from In The Underworld series, 2017.
Acrylic on board. 24×24″. INQUIRE

Kurt Swinghammer’s Red Canoe No. 33

Red Canoe_33

Just arrived
Kurt Swinghammer, Red Canoe Series No. 33.

Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. Canada, 2017. SOLD
Number 34 arriving soon! 

The Red Canoe Series is an ongoing body of work in which the
composition remains unchanged, but the colour relationships of
the water are unique each time. The initial inspiration was to find
an image that related to landscape painter Tom Thomson,
who was the subject of a song cycle that I wrote and recorded
called Turpentine Wind. One of my goals was to depict an iconic
Canadian subject matter in a contemporary manner.

—Kurt Swinghammer


Swinghammer Loon_3

Mod Bird.

Loon No. 3 by Kurt Swinghammer.
Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. $5000. SOLD



Byron Hodgins, Night Glade. Oil on canvas, 53×45 in.
Canada, 2013. $3,350.00.


Chari Lesniak_2

Chari Lesniak, Untitled 2.  36×56 in., oil on canvas. $3000.

Chari Lesniak_1

Chari Lesniak, Untitled 1. 82×52.5 in., oil on canvas. $5900.


Neighbour’s House, Byron Hodgins. Oil on canvas,
43×54 in. 2013. SOLD


Dogwood High Park, oil on canvas, 48×48 in.


River Silhouettes, oil on canvas, 54x43in.
$3350. SOLD


Winter Thaw, oil on canvas, 24×24 in.

Byron Hodgins received a B.F.A from
Nova Scotia School of Art and Design. Hodgins
has exhibited across Canada and Korea; he lives
and works in Toronto.


Polite and slender, Julie Jenkinson.
Limited edition gicleé prints, 13.25 x 17.5 in.

Alone Time_Tokley

Alone TimeRobert Tokley. Oil on canvas,
30x 42 in. Canada, 2016. $1,200.00

Tokley Untitled

Untitled, Robert Tokley. Oil on canvas,
16x 20 in. Canada, 2016. SOLD

Tokley_Primal Focus

Robert Tokley
“Primal Focus” oil on canvas, 46×46 in.
Canada, 2016. SOLD

Loon No. 04

Mod Bird.

Loon No. 4 by Kurt Swinghammer.
Acrylic on canvas. 48×48 in. $5000.

Kurt Swinghammer is a highly acclaimed guitarist,
singer/songwriter, producer, composer, designer
and fine artist based in Toronto.


Chari LesniakState of Flux, 2010. Mixed media on
47.5 x 47.5”. $2,800.00 SOLD

Chari Lesniak– b.1965
graduated from York University with a BFA 1988

Loon No. 2

Just in! Kurt Swinghammer’s Loon No. 02.
Stunning colour palette. 48″ x 48”, acrylic on canvas.
Canada, 2016. SOLD. No. 03 Coming Soon!

Red Canoe No._28

Kurt Swinghammer’s Red Canoe Series.
48″ x 48”, acrylic on canvas. $4500. 


Twizzler by Lowell Bradshaw.
36″ x 34″, oil on canvas, 2011. $1600.

VERSO Gallery and INabstracto Present 

BLACKBONES Collection by Julie Jenkinson
Objects and sculptural jewelry for all sexes.

The BLACKBONES Collection spans the divide between found object,
fine art sculpture and jewelry. Working through a deeply intuitive and organic
sense of form, Jenkinson creates assemblages of artisanal and salvaged industrial materials. The results are strikingly dramatic pieces that one
could only call post modern industrial primitive.

Julie Jenkinson is a British born, self-taught artist and designer
living in Toronto. View the collection:


BLACKBONES Necklace of Kenyan beads
and vintage whistle; Cardboard wall sculpture
by Julie Jenkinson


Filling. Rubber and brass ready-made sculpture by
Julie Jenkinson. 2015. 13″ x 13″ x3″. SOLD

Rubber Sculpture_No.1_LR

Rubber and metal ready-made sculpture by
Julie Jenkinson. 2015. 7″ x 8″ x 7″.

Pinky_LR copy

Pinky, rubber sculpture by Julie Jenkinson. 2015
18″ x 12.75″ x 2.5″.

BLACKBONES Sculpture_005

BLACKBONES Sculpture_005A

Rubber, brass, leather wall sculpture by Julie Jenkinson.
2015. 18″ x 6″ x 1.5″.



Moe Casino CAL_1960

Moe Casino,  The Neon Series. 2014
Acrylic on panel, 48″ x 36″. INQUIRE

When You Find the Right Sheep

When You Find The Right Sheep from the photo series
Ice Age Scotty by Julie Jenkinson. Archival pigment ink
framed print. 9 1/4″ x 11 1/4″ framed. $250.00
The complete series can be viewed at

36 Hours in Uruguay and Berlin Street Art

Photographs by Julie Jenkinson.

Top Ten Art Show: NOW Magazine 2013
Best of 2013 logo

Street Art Atudy
Julie Jenkinson transforms street art
David Jager, NOW Magazine.

Artist, designer and photographer Julie Jenkinson was struck with the vibrant and unique graffiti culture in the cultural capital of Berlin. Reframing these pieces of street art and signage with her camera, she uses her coolly precise graphic sense to frame images that are both graphically striking and idiosyncratic. In a city that is world renowned for its subdued and minimalist cool, Jenkinson records more playful bursts of color and inventiveness that can be found around every street corner.

Jenkinson’s original fascination with street art has evolved into a record of places in a city that organically erode and accrue meaning. In her photo documentation of Uruguay, walls and urban surfaces that at first appear to be painting or collage turn out to be the arbitrary accumulation from of accrued layers of signage, markings and erosion. As such, they become a deeper study of how urban environments and visual signs are formed by a city and its residents over the passing of time, forming entirely new and different connections and resonances.


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