Canadiano™ Crafted Coffee



Now @INabstracto—from $79.00


“The Prettiest Way To Brew Pour Over Coffee.” Fast company

“Canadiano is the new way you will be brewing your coffee everyday…It’s the ritual of brewing a cup of coffee in a block of wood. It’s your crafted coffee maker, personalized.”

Designed by Fishtnk Design Factory.

Carved out of cherry, walnut, birch and white oak block of wood, the Canadiano™  is the Canadian pour-over method of brewing coffee. Place the Canadiano on your cup, add two spoons of coffee and pour hot water into the wooden bowl, stir it a few times and 2-4 minutes and your coffee is ready.

The design of the metal filter is to reduce waste and lower our environmental impact by not using paper filters similar to other pour-over techniques. The result is a rich, smooth and silky cup of coffee like nothing you have experienced before.

Make your coffee a re-markable experience every morning, perfect your brew every single time.




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