Arne Jacobsen Stainless Steel Flatware: SOLD

Arne Jacobsen Flatware

Arne Jacobsen Stainless Steel Flatware for A. Michelsen – 
by appointment to H.M. The King. Bold, minimalist design. Overall
excellent condition, some noticeable wear on a couple of pieces.
82 piece set. All signed/stamped. Original brochure (below) included.
Denmark, 1950-60s. SOLD

Arne Jacobsen Brochure_LR

from left to right
– 1 seafood fork 5 3/8″
– 1 seafood fork 7 3/8″
– 10 dessert forks
– 11 dinner forks
– 11 dinner knives
– 12 butter knives
– 10 dessert spoons
– 12 large flat spoons
– 2 serving ladles
– 11 soup spoons
– 1 soup spoon (left hand)


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